the red bodice     67/89 cm watercolor     no.20     1935
Outstanding Recognition     Royal Academy, London     1938
Horváth collection     Sopron

at a 1938 exhibition of the Royal Academy in London, they spoke very favourably of his painting entitled The Red Bodice, they even made reproductions of the work. Regrettably, a large collective exhibition to be hosted by England could not be realised because of World War II
Rezső Becht     1961

Royal Academy, London     1938
permanent exhibition     Sopron     1972…
memorial exhibition     Grassalkovics Palace, Gödöllő     2001
memorial exhibition     Bózsó Collection, Kecskemét     2002
solo retrospective exhibition     Hungarian Cultural Centre, London     2005
memorial exhibition     Life Science Centre, University of Debrecen     2006
memorial exhibition     HAP Gallery, Budapest     2006
Horváth memorial room inaugurated     József Horváth’s birth house, Kemenesszentpéter     2007
anniversary memorial exhibition     Benedictine Abbey, Gallery, Tihany     2011