what will become of you?     72/107 cm watercolor     no.102     1942
Munkácsy Prize 1st Grade     1954
Sopron Museum

as the tempest of the war was raging and the grim tale of inhumanity was unfolding, so was his sensitive soul tormented. He painted mothers’ nagging worry in 1942, in one of his masterpieces entitled What will become of you? Lying between her mother’s leathery sole and dark calves, as fragile as a rose petal, there is an infant against the background of a dull red apron and illuminated by the shades of poverty. This painting is a faithful documentation of the times of woe with air-raid shelters and sirens
Rezső Becht     1961

permanent exhibition     Sopron     1972…
memorial exhibition     Grassalkovics Palace, Gödöllő     2001
memorial exhibition     HAP Gallery, Budapest     2006
Horváth memorial room inaugurated     József Horváth’s birth house, Kemenesszentpéter     2007