job     81/97 cm watercolor     no.10     1933
owned by Sopron Municipality

the painter has more than one challenge at hand: first, it is the problems of expressing the beauty of the nude, and then it is to paint without crossing the borders of colour and form. A painter needs no principles or convictions, but he must be able to understand and speak the language of tones and colours. The fact that nudes have been painted by artists with no scruples who disfigured them does not affect me too much, as it may happen to other objects of art, too. I also understand that nudes may be misinterpreted and misjudged. But are these people capable of understanding any other work of art? Can they appreciate a sculpture or a building?
As far as the prerequisites for understanding arts is concerned, I believe one must belong to the ‘elite’ which is influenced neither by birth nor by education. It all depends on the person’s mentality and character. Being elite is fundamentally about one’s mind-set. There is no point in trying to be equally understandable for everyone out there.  Both the ability to paint and the joy of creating something new are special talents — and so is appreciating a picture
József Horváth     1959

permanent exhibition     Sopron     1972…