in front of a mirror     79/112 cm watercolor     no.37     1937
Balló Prize     1938
Esterházy Jubilee Prize     1939
Association of Hungarian Fine Artists Outstanding Recognition     1939
owned by Sopron Municipality

it was during this period when he painted Girl in Front of the Mirror, regarded as one of his best works. Built on the contradiction of warm and cold colours, the poetic nude of a young girl is hemmed by tiny flickering flames of light. This work has finally earned him the 5,000-HUF worth Balló Award, this time without having to share it, and also the Esterházy Jubilee Prize. His dreams to go on a study tour abroad from the Balló prize were shattered when the war broke out. He was somewhat consoled by the fact that Sopron’s Loyalty Prize, founded to commemorate the town’s token of loyalty at the referendum in 1921, went to him in 1939 in acknowledgement of his work as a painter
Rezső Becht     1961

standing naked in front of the mirror, a young girl is arranging her hair. When comparing the real figure and the one reflected in the mirror, the latter one is a shade more luminous than the living one and this also applies for the line of light running along the contours of the body. This dual nude is depicted on a grey-violet background, but this shadowed interior has no role in the painting, only the two radiant bodies stand there aglow. You cannot see the extra-cautiously drawn line, it only materialises via the contacting of colours, which makes the painting soft and harmonious
Gyula László     1987

permanent exhibition     Sopron     1972…
memorial exhibition     Grassalkovics Palace, Gödöllő     2001
memorial exhibition     Bózsó Collection, Kecskemét     2002
memorial exhibition     HAP Gallery, Budapest     2006
Horváth memorial room inaugurated     József Horváth’s birth house, Kemenesszentpéter     2007